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Miss World 2015 Review: Macedonia - Peru

The 65th edition of Miss World is taking place in Sanya, China for the 6th time. 114 young women from all around the world will battle it out for the title currently held by South Africa's Rolene Strauss. It's a slight dip in numbers for Miss World as several candidates (most notably so Miss Canada) could not get a visa for China. The group is also not as strong this year leaving the race wide open. One thing is certain: Strauss and her predecessor, Megan Young, have set the bar so high that it has set a difficult task for whoever follows in their footsteps. Let's just hope the winner is deserving. This year it was really hard to write the reviews as I will travel to Sanya, so I want to stay tactful, because the last thing I'd want to do is hurt the girls' or their families' feelings. (Girls, do not take this personally.) The last four years I have been right almost every time (I got Ivian, Megan and Rolene. Had Wenxia until the last leaderboard when I put her in second place in favor of Wales who actually came second.). This year I have no idea what's really going to happen, so I am expecting my final leaderboard to have only 50% of the actual results.

****** Might be the next Miss World 
*****   Could be in the top 5 or win a continental title
****     Might make the top 10 of Miss World 2015 
***       Could reach the quarterfinals (top 20) of Miss World 2015 
**         Might not survive the first cut 
*           Likely to not survive the first cut 

Macedonia FYR: Emilija Rozman **

I think Emilija’s photoshopped photos are better than her candids. She is pretty, but it seems like she did not really stand out in the crowd.

Malaysia: Brynn Lovett **

Brynn finished in second place in the Talent Round after they won last year and that is her most notable achievement at this pageant. She did her country proud.

Malta: Katrina Pavia **

Katrina is one of the most striking delegates fielded by her country in recent years. She deserves a bit more recognition than she’s been getting. I think she can feel very proud of the way she represented herself and her country.

Mauritius: Aurellia Begue *

Being your country’s representative at Miss World is an honor and a privilege. I hope Aurellia had a wonderful time in Sanya.

Mexico: Yamelin Ramirez ***

Yamelin looks like a younger version of NB Mexico’s national director and former Miss Universe, Lupita Jones. The latter seemed to try and form closer ties with the Miss World Organization after dropping out of Miss Universe due to the Trump debacle, but one Trump sold, Mexico rejoined Miss Universe and it seems like Miss World is taking the backseat again. Will that come at the cost of the ire of Julia Morley?

Moldova: Anastasia Iacub **

Moldova usually sends pretty girls, but they never seem to stand out once they are put with more than 100 other beauties from around the world. Anastasia is pretty and she looks like she could be Miss Ukraine’s sister, but sadly she has also faded into the background just like most of her predecessors.

Mongolia: Anu Namshir **

Anu has that kind of exotic beauty that makes you pay attention, but once again I had issues with her styling and I think with better preparation, she might have been a hit at this pageant.

Montenegro: Natasa Milosavljevic *

In such a large group of contestants, a few dozen are bound to slip through the cracks and it seems like Natasa, although attractive, did not make much of an impact.

Myanmar: Khin Yadanar Thein Myint *

The Asian group has a few stunners that got most of the attention and that prevented Khin from shining more.

Namibia: Steffi van Wyk ***

I must say that Steffi looks much better in Sanya than she did when she won her national title. She is looking fresh and vibrant. I was elated when she became the first ever Namibian girl to win a challenge event and she did not only win it… it was pretty much a slam dunk. Well done, Miss World Sports.

Nepal: Evana Manandhar **

Evana will get her time to shine during the Dances of the World segment. She is one of the delegates who were chosen to do a solo dance. It will be a beautiful showcase to show the world the beauty of Nepal’s culture.

Netherlands: Margot Hanekamp ***

The Netherlands has been sending strong delegates to Miss World for the last couple of years and this year is no exception. Margot has one of the most beautiful faces of the pageant and she has all the necessary qualities to do well. Will the Miss World Organization be upset because the winner of Miss Nederland went to Miss Universe and the runner-up was sent here? Well, Margot’s inclusion in the Top 30 of Top Model suggest that they have not been completely iced out.

New Zealand: Deborah Lambie ***

Dr. Deborah Lambie has been doing extremely well at Miss World. She is super intelligent and incredibly well-spoken and is already a Youtube sensation in her country. She seems to be on her way to strong finish in the Multimedia challenge. New Zealand could be on their way to a top 20 finish.

Nicaragua: Stefania Aleman **

Stefania is very pretty and bubbly, but sometimes that is not enough at Miss World. Apart from a top 24 finish in Sports and Fitness, she has not really gotten much buzz. She is a very worthy representative though.

Nigeria: Unoako Anyadike **

Unoako was the very last girl to arrive in China, almost two weeks late, so she did not really get the chance to enjoy the experience to the fullest. She is actually prettier than I thought she was, but her introduction video was not the best. Maybe she had to do it in a hurry.

Northern Ireland: Leanne McDowell **

Leanne is actually quite pretty and she gave it her all in the competition. The British girls will have to battle it out for the UK title, and at the moment it seems like England has a slight advantage.

Norway: Fay Teresa Valbekk **

Norway’s participation seemed a bit uncertain this year, so it’s nice to see them represented. Fay is quite striking, but I guess it will take some time before Norway gets another girl like the one they sent in 2010.

Panama: Diana Jaen Ortega *

Diana seems vibrant and lively and I hope she made a lot of friends and lasting memories at Miss World.

Paraguay: Giovanna Cordeiro ***

When it was announced that Giovanna was one of the top 30 in Top Model, I almost thought they had mixed Paraguay up with Uruguay. But then she also finished in fourth place at the Talent Challenge Event, so I guess the judges must be impressed with her.

Peru: Karla Chocano *

Karla is attractive and it seems like she has had a great time in China, but she has not really made much of an impact.

Photos: Miss World Organisation 

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