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Miss World 2015 Review: Guatemala - Lesotho

The 65th edition of Miss World is taking place in Sanya, China for the 6th time. 114 young women from all around the world will battle it out for the title currently held by South Africa's Rolene Strauss. It's a slight dip in numbers for Miss World as several candidates (most notably so Miss Canada) could not get a visa for China. The group is also not as strong this year leaving the race wide open. One thing is certain: Strauss and her predecessor, Megan Young, have set the bar so high that it has set a difficult task for whoever follows in their footsteps. Let's just hope the winner is deserving. This year it was really hard to write the reviews as I will travel to Sanya, so I want to stay tactful, because the last thing I'd want to do is hurt the girls' or their families' feelings. (Girls, do not take this personally.) The last four years I have been right almost every time (I got Ivian, Megan and Rolene. Had Wenxia until the last leaderboard when I put her in second place in favor of Wales who actually came second.). This year I have no idea what's really going to happen, so I am expecting my final leaderboard to have only 50% of the actual results.

****** Might be the next Miss World 
*****   Could be in the top 5 or win a continental title
****     Might make the top 10 of Miss World 2015 
***       Could reach the quarterfinals (top 20) of Miss World 2015 
**         Might not survive the first cut 
*           Likely to not survive the first cut 

Guatemala: Maria Jose Larranaga *

Maria Jose seems to be quite bubbly and it looks like she made the most of her time in Sanya. It’s always great to see delegates enjoying themselves.

Guinea: Mama Aissata Diallo *

Representing your country at Miss World is a fantastic honor and I hope Mama’s journey has been one that has left her with unforgettable memories to treasure for the rest of her life.

Guyana: Lisa Punch ***

Lisa did extremely well in the Talent round of the competition and was named the winner of Miss World Talent. That is a fantastic achievement, but it will be hard for her to emulate her predecessor’s Queen of the Caribbean title.

Haiti: Seydina Allen ***

Seydina is just lovely and she is one of my pleasant surprises this year. She is just glowing and I think if she has a strong BWAP and interview, she might be one of the surprises in the top 20. It will not be easy, but the race is wide open this year.

Honduras: Gabriela Salazar ***

After last year’s tragedy, it is nice to see Honduras back at Miss World. This year, they have fielded a worthy competitor in the form of Gabriela. I thought her look was a bit too over processed when I saw her national crowning photos, but she has managed to down it down rather nicely.

Hungary: Daniela Kiss **

Hungary had their best placement last year when their delegate finished as runner-up to Miss World. Daniela is a good-looking girl, but I’m pretty certain that it will not be a repeat of last year for Hungary.

Iceland: Arna Yr Jonsdottir ***

There’s something rather captivating about Arna’s unique beauty. She is naturally and effortlessly beautiful and that might catch the judges’ attention. She has really grown on me during the competition and I think she looked lovely throughout. Her gown should have been included in the top 10 of the World Designer Dress Award category.

India: Aditi Arya ****

India always does well at Miss World and this year is no exception. I was surprised when Aditi won her national pageant, but I must say that she has undergone a transformation and she is looking the best she has ever looked just when it matters. She placed in the top 30 of Top Model and is bound to have a great interview and strong BWAP, so don’t be surprised to see her in the top 10.

Indonesia: Maria Hafanti ***

Indonesia is another country that has been performing well at Miss World. Maria placed in the top 13 of talent and she is also expected to get some serious points in the BWAP component of the pageant. Even though I think there have been stronger delegates from her country, she is a worthy contender for a top 20 slot.

Ireland: Sacha Livingstone ***

When I saw Sacha’s crowning photos, she immediately became a girl I kept my eye on. I just thought she had Miss World written all over her. She was not as consistent during her stay in China, but with a top 30 placement in Top Model, she still has a shot at making the top 20.

Italy: Greta Gelassi **

Italy has sent some gorgeous girls in the past and, to me, Greta was a bit of a surprise winner of her national pageant. She got a top 30 placement in Top Model and her dress was chosen as one of the ten best at Miss World. That’s already a reason (or two) to celebrate.

Jamaica: Sanneta Myrie *****

I watched Sanneta (online) win her national pageant and I must say that I was super impressed by her beauty, intelligence and charm. So I have high hopes for her at this pageant. I think she will do exceptionally well in interview and BWAP and she also placed in the top 32 of the Sports Challenge Event and finished in third place in the Talent Challenge Event. I love her unconventional beauty and I believe a top 5 finish is not out of the question.

Japan: Chika Nakagawa **

Chika’s placement in the top 30 of Top Model was a bit of a surprise to me, especially because some other contenders were left out. She’s cute, but not the strongest from Asia.

Kazakhstan: Regina Vandysheva ****

I was wondering if Regina’s beauty would be appreciated by the Miss World judges because she could do well in Miss World and even better in Miss Universe. I must say that I was quite impressed by the way she handled herself in China and the Miss World judges seem to agree. She was listed as one of the 30 in Top Model and that is a nice achievement. If she does well in interview and BWAP, she could be in the top 10. She has one of the most beautiful faces of this year’s group.

Kenya: Charity Mwangi **

Charity seems sweet and bubbly and she is pretty, but I don’t think she is strong as her predecessor. I think she will gain some valuable points in BWAP and interview though.

Korea: Eun Ju Chyung **

Eun Ju is charming and well-spoken. I enjoyed her video interviews. She is a handpicked delegate though as her national director has decided to postpone the competition to select a delegate for Miss World in early December so she has more time to prepare.

Kyrgyzstan: Tattybubu Samidin Kyzy **

I love this girl’s name. It’s so unique. I thought she might be a stand-out because she has such an exotic beauty. But like most other girls from her region, her styling was a bit inconsistent and it did her no justice at all.

Latvia: Lasma Zemene **

Lasma is prettier than the average delegate from her country. She has not made major waves in the competition though, but she performed to the best of her ability.

Lebanon: Valerie Abou Chacra ******

From the moment I saw Valerie’s crowning photos, I wanted her to win Miss World. And it seems like many people agreed with me. She has topped several leaderboards and is the best representative Lebanon has sent in a very long time. She also seems intelligent and articulate and really sweet too. If I’m totally honest, I was a bit disappointed at times and I felt her styling did not always do her beauty justice, but when she’s good, she’s great. Let’s hope for a fantastic result for Lebanon on Saturday. It would be so nice to see Lebanon win.

Lesotho: Relebohile Kobile **

I like this girl… A LOT! She seems to be the coolest girl in the pageant. She has so much personality and pizzazz. She’s the kind of girl that people would love to hang out with. She’s the best representative Lesotho has sent… maybe ever.

Photos courtesy of Miss World Organisation! 

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