Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Miss World 2015 Returns to Spain... with little (or no) fanfare

The new Miss World, Mireia Lalaguna, returned to her home country of Spain to little fanfare. Lalaguna was met at the airport in Barcelona by her family. In a stark contrast to last year's jubilant homecoming for South Africa's Rolene Strauss, it does not seem like Spain is showing the same love for their new queen. Lalaguna will now spend the next month at home before she starts working for the Miss World Organization after they have enjoyed their traditional post-pageant extended Christmas break.

Indonesia's Maria Harfanti, on the other hand, received a hero's welcome back in her home country. Harfanti finished in third place, the highest placement ever for Indonesia at this pageant. She was also awarded the Miss World Asia title. It is rumored that the Miss World Pageant will return to Indonesia in 2016.


  1. I have heard the rumour too, I hope they at sometime go to one of the South Pacific islands or somewhere different in Europe like Paris or even Madrid. If they held it in South Pacific, they may get more entrants from Oceania. Still can't understand why Samoa did not make the first cut.

  2. I don't think that that is the official Miss World home coming for Spain. Notice she is not wearing her crown or sash. Maybe they have something planned for her as an official welcome.

  3. "The new Miss World, Mireia Lalaguna, returned to her home country of Spain to little fanfare. "

    Well, this is the way the First World countries see those beauty pageants.

    Meanwhile, in Latin America, that Third World .....

    1. I live in Canada and when Natalie Glebova won the Miss Universe title in 2005, nobody cared less... no news in the newspaper or TV interviews, absolutely nothing. Actually, if you ask any Canadian who Natalie Glebova is, nobody knows about her. Yes, this is first world mentality. While in some Latin American, Asian and African countries people go crazy about it, here up north nobody really cares. It is more important to us to win a Nobel Prize or a gold medal in the Olympics than any outdated beauty contest.