Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Miss World 2015: 8 Photos That Made Us Stop and Look (Part 3)

Miss Colombia is definitely one of the strongest contenders this year.
She stands out because of her beauty and elegance. There is a very
strong possibility that she can take it all on December 19. 

After the tragic circumstances surrounding the
murder of their delegate last year, Honduras is back.
Miss Honduras looks lovely in this photo and she
is set on making her country proud. 

Miss Netherlands is a natural beauty and in terms of
facial beauty, she is one of the strongest delegates. I wonder
if their decision to send the winner to Miss Universe will
be the end of their chances at Miss World 2015. 

Miss Nigeria has finally arrive, almost two weeks late,
and she is positively glowing. I was not convinced about
her chances when she was crowned, but she is looking good here. 

Keep an eye on Miss Puerto Rico. She is not getting
nearly enough attention as she should be. She could
surprise many on the final night. 

In a relatively weak year at Miss World, Miss Vietnam
is shaping up to be one of the fiercest competitors and
she could very well be the next Miss World. 

Miss Zimbabwe is looking radiant in this photo. It is
always nice to see the African continent being well-
represented at Miss World. Fingers crossed that she'll do well. 

Miss Argentina is growing on me more and more. There's
a quiet and calm elegance that makes me think she will
be appreciated by the Miss World Organization. 
Photos courtesy of Miss World

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