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Miss Universe 2015 Review: Peru - Vietnam

The 64th Miss Universe will be crowned on December 20 at the Axis Theater at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. This is the first edition under the ownership of WME/IMG and the pageant is being shown on FOX for the first time. 80 delegate from around the world will vie for the chance of being crowned Miss Universe 2014 by outgoing queen Paulina Vega from Colombia.
After following the events in Vegas for the last couple of weeks, here are my thoughts:

****** Potential winner of Miss Universe 
***** Potential top 5 finalist 
**** Potential top 10 semi-finalist 
*** Potential top 15 quarter-finalist
**   Unlikely to place 
*     Highly unlikely to place 


Miss Peru is one of the most photogenic girls of the group. Her professional photos are just all sizzling hot. I must add, however, that she sometimes looks more mature when she does not have the full production going. Should she win, that might be a problem in terms of her popularity as Miss Universe. She has been one of the best prepared delegates at this pageant though.
PRELIMINARIES: Great in both rounds.


I have loved Pia since the first time she competed and it seems like she’s a genuinely nice girl too. I am so glad that she was crowned this year and that she is finally getting the opportunity to represent her country abroad. The Philippines has been consistently strong and this year is no different. I would not be surprised if Pia Wurtzbach becomes the next Miss Universe.
PRELIMINARIES: She was absolutely flawless in gown and very good in swimsuit. Love her.


I have always loved Weronika – from her days in Miss World 2012 and Miss Global Teen. I think she is absolutely stunning, a sensual beauty who commands attention. My only question is: does she have the fire to stop the Latinas? If she amps it up, she could go far in the competition.
PRELIMINARIES: She was a rock star in gown and looked good in swimsuit, perhaps a bit sleepy though.


She’s smart and accomplished and actually much prettier than I thought she was. If the Miss Universe Organization is looking for a woman of substance, she could get some attention.
PRELIMINARIES: She was not spectacular in the preliminaries, but she did a good job.


I do not find Catalina traditionally and conventionally stunning, but there’s definitely lots of sex appeal oozing out of her pores. She is most definitely one of the most well-prepared delegates of the whole group, but will that be enough?
PRELIMINARIES: She was solid in both rounds, but this is a tough year.


I am a bit perplexed because I am in two minds about Vladislava. There are times when I think she is too “teen” for Miss Universe, but then I also find her look so interesting and appealing. She definitely has a Victoria’s Secret angel thing going on. IMG might appreciate her look.
PRELIMINARIES: I wasn’t blown away, but I still find her captivating.


Dasa is a good looking lady, but as is the case with so many other Europeans, I am missing the fire in her. She is a bit inconsistent, too.
PRELIMINARIES: I was quite underwhelmed.


Last year’s winner got quite a bit of buzz, but I am not feeling the same with Lisa. I mean there are times when I think she looks quite nice, but more often than not, I find her a bit underwhelming.
PRELIMINARIES: She was actually quite solid in the preliminaries. Not super “wow” but nice enough.


Denisa is pretty, but I feel the same about her as I feel about Serbia. She lacks the spark that will make her stand out and she was not consistent enough.
PRELIMINARIES: Two nice but not spectacular performances.


Refilwe was my pick to win Miss South Africa, but Liesl Laurie took it all and she ended up as the runner-up. I respond to her look and find her really pretty. I do think Miss World would probably have been a better pageant for her. I don’t know if the Miss Universe judges will respond to her look.
PRELIMINARIES: Solid in both rounds. Loved her evening gown.


Carla competed at Miss World in 2011 and was one of the favorites. I do think she looks a bit too harsh now with her styling and should have toned it down, because she is a sexy and attractive young woman.
PRELIMINARIES: Very solid in both rounds. Might sneak into the top 15.


Paulina’s mother, Monica, competed in the very first Miss Universe Pageant that I watched and made it to the top 10. Now it’s Paulina’s turn and I think just like her mother, she has a good shot at making it. She’s very beautiful.
PRELIMINARIES: Oh no!!!! Probably my biggest disappointed. Her styling was just off.


Lorraine is a great surprise. She was one of the last delegates to be crowned and didn’t have that much time to prepare. But she came ready and I am so impressed by her photos. She looks like a high fashion model. I would not mind if she does well.
PRELIMINARIES: She gave two good performances. Loved her gown and I think she worked it.


Aniporn is fantastic. She looks like she can be on the cover of Vogue magazine. She is well suited for a pageant and for the fashion runways of the world. I think she is elegant, sexy and sweet at the same time. I think she deserves to do well.
PRELIMINARIES: Very good in swimsuit and great in gown. Fingers crossed for Thailand.


I did not really pay much attention to Melisa before the pageant started, but she impressed me since the start of the pageant. I think she could have done better at Miss World, but here she also has a (long)shot at making it. Lovely surprise.
PRELIMINARIES: Two really nice performances.


I go hot and cold with Ana. When she was crowned, I was convinced it’s a “no” but then I saw her first photos and I thought she actually improved a lot. But then I see other photos where she looks too mature.
PRELIMINARIES: She went the aunty route and did not look fresh enough. Disappointing.


I actually like Bianca and started taking notice of her when she arrived in Vegas. She certainly does take a good photo. Can she be one of the surprises.
PRELIMINARIES: I think she is more photogenic than telegenic. I was not that impressed.


Olivia is absolutely stunning – like a walking Barbie doll. And I just love her personality too, she’s so bubbly and well-spoken. Keep an eye on her, because if IMG is looking for a star, Olivia will go very far. The USA might get another Miss Universe and I would not be complaining, because she’s spectacular.
PRELIMINARIES: Excellent in both rounds.


Venezuela always come ready for the fight of her life and this year is no exception. I thought Mariana was going to be outperformed, but she is not in Vegas to play games. She is taking this competition seriously and is making a huge impact.
PRELIMINARIES: Great performances. Sexy in swimsuit and feminine and elegant in gown.


Talk about star quality. I love this girl and she could be Vietnam’s first Miss Universe. I think she is absolutely lovely and she has great energy too. I want her to do really well in this competition. I was wondering if she would be able to live up to the hype and she definitely did.

PRELIMINARIES: Great in both rounds, even though I didn’t like that swan gown.

Photos: Miss Universe Organization 

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