Friday, December 11, 2015

Miss Universe 2015: Eye For Beauty Blog Top 15 Evening Gown Portraits

The 64th Miss Universe Pageant is currently underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. The competition is under new management after Donald Trump sold it to WME/IMG and it has also found a new TV home on the Fox network. Paula Shugart has stayed on as the president of the Miss Universe Organization. This year, 80 young beauties are in the running for the title, which is currently held by Colombia's Paulina Vega. Originally, 81 beauties were set to compete, but Miss Slovenia suffered a nasty accident which left her competition dreams in tatters.

The evening gown portraits were released today and here are our top 15 evening gown portraits:

15: Finland (9.090) 

14: Sweden (9.100) 

13: Jamaica (9.110) 

12: Dominican Republic (9.115) 

11: France (9.117) 

10: Thailand (9.119) 

9: Peru (9.120) 

8: Brazil (9.125) 

7: USA (9.129) 

6: Tanzania (9.130) 

5: Philippines (9.150) 

4: Venezuela (9.170) 

3: Indonesia (9.175) 

2: Colombia (9.180) 

and Eye For Beauty Blog's favorite MISS UNIVERSE 2015 EVENING GOWN PORTRAIT...

VIETNAM (9.240) 
Photos courtesy of Miss Universe Organization! 


  1. I hate Brazil's gown and I don't like Indonesia's much but I love the rest.

  2. I have been going to this site since 2012..... and as in this year's top 15 Miss Universe evening gowns, this years is the best!!! of those listed, my favorites are Sweden, Indonesia, Thailand, France, Philippines, and Peru..... and my favorite is also Vietnam!!! STUNNING!!!

    My least favorites are USA, Tanzania, Columbia, Brazil, and my least favorite is Venezuela because it looks too boring... I hope she changes it soon!!!

  3. I had hoped that under new management and owners MU might be fresh and new, But with Paula Shugart staying on as president it will just be more of the same with Latin's dominating.
    By the way I hate Brazils gown I don't know how you can rate it glamerous.

    1. at least Brazil does not look like a black widow like Venezuela!!!