Friday, December 18, 2015

Miss Universe 2015: Eye For Beauty Blog Top 15 Preliminary Evening Gown Choices

The 80 delegates competing for the 64th Miss Universe title strutted their stuff on stage in the Axis Theater at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on Wednesday night. They competed in two rounds of competition during the preliminaries, swimsuit and evening gown. That along with the interviews that took place earlier this week will determine who survives the first cut.

After watching the preliminary evening gown competition, here are our top 15 in the evening gown round:

15: Tanzania (9.070) 

14: Australia (9.075) 

13: Venezuela (9.080) 

12: Mexico (9.085) 

11: Peru (9.087) 

10: Brazil (9.090) 

9: France (9.100) 

8: Italy (9.105) 

7: Austria (9.110) 

6: Thailand (9.115) 

5: Dominican Republic (9.120) 

4: Vietnam (9.130) 

3: USA (9.160) 

2: Colombia (9.165) 

and Eye For Beauty Blog's winner of the preliminary evening gown round... 


Photos: Miss Universe Organization 


  1. I agree with almost all your choices :) Did you consider only gowns or everything (gown, walk, pose...)?

  2. Hey Andre... i agree with your choices and Miss Philippines is top in evening gown?? Wow.. i thought you will not include her but as i scroll down Im very happy that you really like her veneing gown performance..yehey.