Sunday, December 6, 2015

Miss Earth 2015: Back to Back Victory for the Philippines

Angelia Ong, 25, defeated 85 other delegates to win a historical back to back win for her country, the Philippines, when she was crowned Miss Earth 2015 last night in Vienna, Austria. The new Miss Earth is the third Filipino to win the Miss Earth title and she is the 15th Miss Earth.
Miss Earth Air 

Miss Earth Water 

Miss Earth Fire 

Miss Australia, Dayanna Grageda, was named Miss Earth Air while Brittany Payne from the USA was named Miss Earth Water. Miss Brazil, Thiessa Sickert, was crowned Miss Earth Fire.

The top 8 were completed by the delegates from Austria, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. Misses Czech Republic, France, Guam, Hungary, Mauritius, Mongolia, Scotland and Ukraine were called into the top 16 before being eliminated from the competition.
OK the results are really odd to me. I will have to watch the pageant to understand them. Jamie Herrell is a stunning woman, but I'm not sure about the new winner. She's in the Karla Henry league for me. Of the top 4, I would say that Brazil should have won, followed by USA, the Philippines and Australia. With four pageants going on at the same time, I am glad I did not spend time following this one intensely and do reviews for it. I got it so wrong anyway. I guess I just don't get them. 

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  1. I've only been somewhat following this pageant but actually managed to catch most of the final on the live feed. Purely based on what I saw, I thought the results were pretty fair. I personally may have swapped Australia and Brazil's final placement but Philippines seemed to just have a little 'something' that separated her slightly from the rest. One of those pageants that had it been restaged 5 different times may have had 5 different winners.