Thursday, December 3, 2015

If I were a judge: Miss Supranational 2015

The 2015 Miss Supranational Pageant will take place on December 4 in Poland. 82 women will take to the stage to try and win the crown currently worn by India's Asha Baht. It's a great group for Supranational, even though I have found a lot of them to be inconsistent and I must say that the swimsuit photos were also a bit of a revelation. Who will be the 7th Miss Supranational? If I were a judge:

Miss Supranational 2015: Miss Spain, Raquel Bonilla 

1st runner-up: Miss Nigeria, Stephanie Omogun

2nd runner-up: Miss Chile, Tina Schnitzer 

3rd runner-up: Miss Iceland, Tania Yr Aspotsdottir 

4th runner-up: Miss Malaysia, Tanisha Demour 

TOP 10:
6th place: Miss Belgium, Rachel Nimegeers

7th place: Miss Indonesia, Gresya Maaliwuga 

8th place: Miss Colombia, Monica Castano 

9th place: Miss Panama, Angie Keith 

10th place: Miss Australia, Christiana Fischer 
TOP 20:
11th place: Miss Israel, Hodaya Cohen 

12th place: Miss Dominican Republic, Ingrid Franco 

13th place: Miss India, Aafreen Vaz 

14th place: Miss Puerto Rico, Nobiraida Infante 

15th place: Miss Kenya, Margaret Muchemi 

16th place: Miss Philippines, Rogelie Catacutan 

17th place: Miss Canada, Siera Bearchell 

18th place: Miss Vietnam, Nguyen Thi Le Quyen

19th place: Miss Ghana, Charlee Berbicks 

20th place: Miss Mexico, Karina Martin 

Miss Estonia, Madli Vilsar 

Miss Sweden, Stina Nordlander 

Photos courtesy of Miss Supranational 

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