Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Miss World 2015: Twelve Photos That Made Us Stop and Look (Part 1)

Miss World 2015 is well underway and although not all the delegates have arrived in Sanya and it's also quite hard to identify them without sashes, there are some delegates who have managed to catch our "eye". Yes, in a group of almost a 120 it's hard to keep up to date with what's going on at Miss World. I wish the photos on their website were a bit more organized and that they would make it easier for fans to follow by labeling the photos. Anyway, I don't want to go off on a tangent. There are a lot of beautiful ladies, but no clear favorite... just yet! Here are the 12 photos that grabbed our attention:
VENEZUELA: Miss Venezuela looks lovely in this photo. I wasn't sure about her, but she's looking fresh, elegant and vibrant in this photo. She's gaining ground for me at the moment. Can she keep this momentum going? 

AUSTRALIA: There's something absolutely captivating about Miss Australia. She was not my favorite to win her national title, but I do like the way she's projecting her inner Miss World in this photo. Her red hair will make her stand out. 

JAMAICA: Miss Jamaica impressed me during her national pageant. She will be strong - I can feel it. She's looking radiant here. 

FRANCE: Miss World 2014 and Miss World 2015? France is looking like a worthy successor to Rolene in this candid. 

COLOMBIA: I knew Colombia was going to be a force to be reckoned with and she's not disappointing. 

POLAND: Despite this rather bizarre national dress, Poland's beauty is undeniable. It looks like she's heading towards a top 5 spot. 

PHILIPPINES: The Philippines will yet again be noticed, because they have sent another stunner. She has one of the most beautiful faces in the group. 

MALTA: It's always nice to see countries with weaker sashes (or badges at Miss World *Rolling Eyes*) do well and Miss Malta is a lovely surprise. One of the best delegates I've ever seen from Malta. 

URUGUAY: Miss Uruguay is one of my top favorites this year. I am so glad she's getting noticed by the organization. It would be amazing to see Uruguay taking the title. 

VIETNAM: Miss Vietnam is looking fierce and fabulous. China is weak and undeserving. Vietnam can much rather get the host spot. I would most certainly not object to that. 

SAMOA: Samoa is making a strong comeback for her nation. You can see she wants this. 

UKRAINE: Ukraine has been a tad inconsistent but she definitely has the goods. Let's hope she keeps it up. 

Photos: Miss World Organization, Photo Owners 


  1. Go Miss Samoa!!! You can do it :)

  2. So beautiful, thank you for sharing. Very proud of our Miss Samoa, was visiting my homeland at the time of the pageant and was able to meet her in person. A radiant and vibrant young woman, beautiful inside and out.