Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Miss International 2015 Review: The Climbers

Miss International 2015 will be crowned on Thursday, November 5th in Tokyo, Japan. This year 70 delegates are battling it out for the crown. In the last few years, I have started following this pageant, but this year I have to admit that I found it extremely hard to follow the events in Tokyo, Yes, I have been browsing through the photos and I have mixed feelings about the group. I can't totally blame my lack of interest on just a busy work schedule... I guess it's also the fact that I anticipate another boring and outdated pageant on Thursday. Maybe it's also because I know that of all the pageants, this one is the hardest one for me... I usually get it totally wrong, because I have no idea what the judges are looking for. With quite a bit of uncertainty and just relying on my natural instincts, I have divided the contestants into 7 categories. Let's continue with: 

The Climbers

These are the ladies who have been steadily gaining momentum since their arrival in Japan. They might not all make the cut, but they have been been taken notice of and continue to impress. 

Ecuador: Daniela Armijos 

Finland: Sara Ahlberg 

India: Supriya Aiman 

Italy: Valentina Paganotto 

Mongolia: Azzaya Tsogt-Ochir 

Peru: Cynthia Montoro 

Romania: Andreea Chiru

Spain: Cristina Silva

Zambia: Brandina Lubuli 

Ecuador continues to impress in Tokyo as she is doing everything right and seems to fit the Miss International mould perfectly. India and Italy are both exotic beauties who have something captivating that makes them get noticed. Mongolia has been getting a lot of buzz since her arrival in Tokyo. Spain is a solid competitor and is starting to appear on many lists. Zambia is a lovely surprise and I'm totally rooting for her. 

Photos: Miss International Organization 

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