Monday, October 5, 2015

If I were a judge: Miss World Poland 2015

Miss World Poland 2015 will be crowned later today. 14 delegates are competing to win this pageant that is beings staged for the first time by a new franchise holder (who used to be involved with the old Miss Poland franchise a few years ago). The winner will go on to Miss World in December. Who will be Miss World Poland? If I were a judge:

Miss World Poland 2015: Katarzyna Wlodarek 

1st runner-up: Marta Palucka 

2nd runner-up: Malgorzata Stoch 

3rd runner-up: Angela Prudlo 

4th runner-up: Elwira Nosal

Paloma Zochowska 


  1. First should be Marta, she has more chances in MW than Kasia. Kasia will take part also in Miss Model of the World, Marta resign from this competition to concentrate on MWP. Marta 's BWAP probably will be m better becasue she is working wuth children, she is more athletic (Sport challenge) and have much better experience in modeling. Sweet face is not enough, also is important elegance and chic.

    1. just to clear the things up .... As you said "sweet face is not enough" - and Kasia is not only a pretty girl, she graduated from medical uniiversity and she is already a doctor. As she said in her presentation she is going to work with children also and she was taking part (many times) in different charity actions. I don't know exactly what is it like in Marta's case, but Kasia is not ONLY a pretty face for sure! Greetings!

  2. Polish girls are simply gorgeous.Good choices.
    Will you make a prediction for Miss Globe,sir?