Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trump Takes Miss Universe Back - Owns 100%

Donald J. Trump said on Friday that he had bought NBC’s stake in the Miss Universe Organization, the group that produces the beauty pageant, which the network refused to broadcast this summer.
NBC backed out of broadcasting the Miss USA contest in July after comments by Mr. Trump, an owner of the organization, about immigrants stoked widespread outrage. Univision likewise backed out of its broadcast, which prompted Mr. Trump to sue the Spanish-language cable channel for $500 million.

Mr. Trump also said on Twitter that he had “settled all lawsuits against them,” referring to NBC, but it was not immediately clear if he had actually ever sued NBC. He had said that he intended to. NBC confirmed that Mr. Trump had bought the network’s stake in the pageant but declined to comment on whether it had been involved in a lawsuit with him.
Previously, Mr. Trump owned 49 percent of the Miss Universe Organization, according to Mr. Trump’s lawsuit against Univision. Now, according to his statement on Twitter, Mr. Trump owns it entirely.

After NBC and Univision abandoned the broadcast, Miss USA was thrown into a sort of limbo. It was without a major TV provider, and a number of co-hosts, judges and performers, including Thomas Roberts of MSNBC, the singer Flo Rida and the football star Emmitt Smith, all dropped out of the pageant during the furor. The Miss USA contest was eventually broadcast on the cable channel Reelz, which is available in about 60 percent of the country, and the pageant’s viewership was greatly diminished as a result.

NBC also announced this summer that Mr. Trump would not be welcomed back as the host of the show “The Celebrity Apprentice.” The network is looking for a new host, and the show is expected to return to the network next year.

Still, not all has been bad between NBC and Mr. Trump. At a news media event last month, the chairman of NBC Entertainment, Robert Greenblatt, said that Mr. Trump was a “lovely guy” and that the network’s relationship was “really great.”
“The world likes a star, and he’s a star,” he said.

Mr. Trump returned the favor later that day, posting on Twitter, “Bob Greenblatt & folks @NBC were GREAT!”

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