Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Miss Montana USA 2016

Sibahn Doxey (22) was recently crowned Miss Montana USA 2016. She will represent her state at the 65th Miss USA Pageant in 2016. Doxey was Miss Montana Teen USA 2011 and competed at the 2011 Miss Teen USA Pageant where she was not one of the top 15 semi-finalists.
Now that the Delaware curse is broken, Montana is looking for their first placement since 1958. I think they might have to wait another year. 

Photos courtesy of Jerry and Lois Photography


  1. Sibahn is very pretty and does have potential... Hopefully with the right training and grooming she will be able to at least make the first cut.... And the Miss Montana Teen USA winner is a cutie... I do believe she has a great shot at next years Miss Teen USA competition!!!

  2. The one crowning the winner looks old. Was she last years winner? I fear Montana will have to wait sometime longer. I think it is so hard for the likes of Montana, Alaska, Wyoming and the Dakota's, they have such small populations that they don't have many contestants to choose from.