Monday, September 14, 2015

Miss Georgia wins Miss America 2016

Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell (21), was crowned Miss America 2016 at the conclusion of a glittering event in Atlantic City last night. She is the second woman from Georgia to win the title ending a 63 year gap since their last win. The first runner-up was Miss Mississippi, Hannah Camille Roberts, and the second runner-up was Miss Colorado, Kelley Elizabeth Johnson. The third runner-up was April Nelson and the fourth runner-up was Miss Alabama, Meghan McGuffin. Miss South Carolina, Daja Dial, and America's Choice Miss Tennessee, Hannah Robison, completed the top 7. The delegates from Florida, Oklahoma and Texas made it to the top 10 while the delegates from Iowa and Nebraska were eliminated after the top 12 round of competition. The top 15 were completed by Arkansas, Virginia and West Virginia.
This is probably the first time that I managed to choose the winner of Miss America even though she's the only one of the top 5 that I actually got. She was definitely one of the prettier girls, so I'm glad she won... despite the fact that I read she flubbed her Q&A. 

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  1. I liked Betty last night except for her talent competition... but I thought that Alabama had it all the way to the end... And Colorado was amazing too, hoping she would win it too..... Unfortunately the Vermont Curse did not end at Miss America like it did at Miss USA!!!!!