Thursday, September 10, 2015

If I were a judge: Miss Universe Bahamas 2015

The 2015 Miss Universe Bahamas Pageant will take place on September 13. Five young women are competing for the title. The winner will represent the Bahamas at the next Miss Universe Pageant and the runner-up will go to Miss Earth 2015 in Vienna, Austria. Who will wear the crown? If I were a judge:

Miss Universe Bahamas 2015: Sienna Evans

1st runner-up (Miss Earth Bahamas): Darronique Young 

2nd runner-up: Crystal Cay Jade Bastian
 Photos: Miss Bahamas Organization 

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  1. I think that Darronique looks like Crystle Stewert, Miss USA 2008... She is my favorite to win Miss Bahamas.... But all three are extremely beautiful and in my opinion there would be no wrong winner among those three!!!