Saturday, September 12, 2015

If I were a judge: Miss United Continents 2015

The 2015 Miss United Continents Pageant will take place on September 12. This year, 28 delegates will battle it out for the title. Who will be the winner? If I were a judge:

Miss United Continents 2015: Miss Paraguay, Myriam Arevalos 

Virreina: Miss Nicaragua, Ruth Angelica Martinez 

3rd place: Miss India, Sushrii Mishraa

4th place: Miss Brazil, Nathalia Lago

5th place: Miss Philippines, Anabel Christine Gonzalez 

6th place: Miss Venezuela, Nitya Ardila

Top 10:

7th place: Miss Bolivia, Andrea Velasco

8th place: Miss Colombia, Daniela Castaneda 

9th place: Miss Denmark, Monica Isabella Hartig

10th place: Miss Dominican Republic, Kimberly Castillo 

Miss Ecuador 

Miss Guyana 

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