Wednesday, August 12, 2015

If I were a judge: Miss England 2015

52 of England's loveliest ladies will battle it out for one of the most prestigious titles in British pageantry this Friday. The Miss England 2015 Final is scheduled to take place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Carina Tyrrell, last year's Miss England, went on to place fourth at Miss World 2014 and was named Miss United Kingdom. On Friday she will crown her successor, who will go on to represent her country at Miss World 2015 on December 19 in Sanya, China. Who will wear the crown? If I were a judge:

Miss England 2015: Miss Liverpool, Jennifer McSween

1st runner-up: Miss Nottingham, Rebecca Drysdale

2nd runner-up: Miss Leicestershire, Holly Desai

3rd runner-up: Miss Rickmansworth, Charlotte White

4th runner-up: Miss Mansfield and Sherwood Forrest, Jessica Boot


Miss Bedfordshire, Megan Bayliss

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  1. I am English and I am fed up with the fact that there are never any Black or Asian girls who ever win Miss England. On one occasion a black girl did win, but with Miss Englands track record I am sure she only one because she was Linford Christies niece. I think it is a very poor show as we are meant to be a multi cultural country. Where are the ethnic minorities in this contest.

    1. Hammassa Kohistani won Miss England 2005, and Melanie Abdoun was Miss UK 1994...

  2. Hermassa who was Asian won in 2005. She was stunning. As for "track record" yup...most fixed pageant in the UK!

  3. Hammassa did not win Miss England, she won Miss Great Britain a different contest.

  4. Sally-Ann Fawcett is England's QUEEN of pageant knowledge and trivia...

  5. Okay I bow to your greater knowledge but I still think Miss England is a Racist contest how often do you see, Asia, or Black contestants in the finals let alone winning.