Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Miss World Korea 2015

22 year old Jung Eun-ju was recently appointed by the national director of Miss World Korea to represent South Korea at the next Miss World Pageant on December 19 in Sanya, China. She came second in last year's Miss World Korea Pageant. The Miss World Korea Organization has only managed to stage two pageants since they were awarded the Miss World license in 2011. Apparently a new Miss World Korea will be crowned later this year and she will compete at Miss World 2016.
It seems like it was a mistake to take the franchise away from the Miss Korea Organization, corrupt as they might be. I was expecting GREAT things from the new org, but they don't seem all that interested in doing a proper job at all.

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  1. Jung Eun-ju is very beautiful but I really don't think she will make the Top 10 based on the field of ladies being very strong... Good luck