Monday, July 13, 2015

Miss USA 2015: More Photos

Olivia Jordan (26) became the first woman from Oklahoma to win the Miss USA title in Baton Rouge, Louisiana last night. She is 1.8m tall and will celebrate her 27th birthday on September 28 this year, which also makes her one of the oldest Miss USA winners ever. She also made history by being only the first women who will compete at both Miss World (2013 - she made the top 20) and Miss Universe 2015 later this year or early next year. Charlotte Sheffield, who became Miss USA 1957 when the original winner was stripped of her title, was disqualified from the Miss Universe 1957 Pageant because she missed the preliminary competition before competing at Miss World 1957 where she failed to place.


As I said, I am super happy that Olivia won. She was the only one who nailed her Q and A and she was the best on stage. Texas was gorgeous too, but how on earth did Maryland come in fifth. She answered so much better than Rhode Island. Super disappointed that Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio, Colorado and Georgia did not place. They were stunning and deserved to be up there.


  1. Based solely on viewing the preliminaries, I am still scratching my head on why Delaware made it to the Top 15 over Massachusetts, Nebraska, Colorado, Florida, Arkansas, and especially Ohio. But after watching Renee last night, I can see why she made it. But I am still scratching my head on how Nevada and Rhode Island made it over Delaware!!! Now as in the Final 5, I thought that Maryland would come in third, behind Texas and Oklahoma... And I would have put Hawaii and Delaware in the Final 5 over Rhode Island and Nevada......

    It may be me, but did Miss USA 2014 not mention anything pertaining to Donald Trump... I do not remember her saying anything......

    I also heard that Miss Universe 2015 will be in China this year... Has anyone heard anything on this??? And thank you Andre for your excellent coverage of Miss USA 2015!!!

  2. Miss World is going to be in China, but they might take Miss Universe as well as they are pageant crazy.