Monday, July 13, 2015

Miss USA 2015 is Miss Oklahoma



Photo: AP/Derick E. Hingle

Olivia Jordan, a 26 year old blonde beauty from Tulsa, Oklahoma, defeated 50 other delegates to be named the 64th Miss USA at the conclusion of a glittering event in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is the first woman from Oklahoma to win the Miss USA title and will go on to represent her state at the next Miss Universe Pageant. Jordan, who stands 1.8m tall, was Miss World United States in 2013 and represented the USA at Miss World 2013 where she was one of the top 20 finalists. 
HISTORIC WIN: Olivia Jordan is the first Miss USA from Oklahoma (Photo:

The first runner-up was Miss Texas, Ylianna Guerra, who narrowly missed out on a tenth title for her state. The second runner-up was Miss Rhode Island, Anea Garcia, who won the hearts of many fans with her story of overcoming many challenges in her life, but failed to answer both questions sufficiently during the Q and A top 5 rounds. Miss Nevada, Brittany McGowan, finished as the third runner-up while Miss Maryland, Mame Adjei, finished as the fourth runner-up.
The new Miss USA is 26 years old and stands 1.8m tall.

The top ten were completed by the delegates from Hawaii (Emma Wo), Alabama  (Madison Guthrie), Louisiana (Candice Bennatt), Michigan (Rashontae Wawrzyniak) and Delware (Renee Bull). It was the first time ever in the 64 years that the pageant has existed that a delegate from Delaware placed. The public also saved Miss Kentucky, Katie George) after she had been eliminated to make it a top 11. Misses Virginia (Laura Puleo), New York (Thatiana Diaz), Arizona (Maureen Montagne) and Illinois (Renee Wronecki) completed the top 15.

Miss Indiana, Gretchen Reece, was named Miss Photogenic while in another historic first, the delegates from Alaska, Kimberly Agron,  and Delaware, Renee Bull, shared the Miss Congeniality prize.

The pageant went smoothly despite being marred by a string of controversies surrounding pageant owner, Donald Trump, which led to it being dropped by networks Univision and NBC before being picked up by the Reelz channel.

Winner too: Renee Bull finally broke the Delaware curse
I am pretty delighted that Olivia Jordan won. She's been strong from the start and she is a deserving winner. She was great all night long and answered the best. I never thought a former Miss World contestant would win, so I was sure that they would crown Texas. Nonetheless, thrilled win the new Miss USA. Congrats Olivia and Oklahoma! (And Dr. J - you beat me!)


  1. Good show and very deserving winner. After the 2 questions it really shouldn't have been anyone else. Very happy Delaware did so well. Now we'll see if and when we'll have a Miss Universe pageant.

  2. I was almost sure that Texas or Arizona would win.... But Oklahoma deserved it. Hopefully Olivia will not trip at Miss Universe like she did during the opening number of Miss World 2013. I am still scratching my head on how Delaware made it after watching the preliminaries because I thought she was one of the weaker delegates... But winning along with Alaska the Miss Congeniality award was the second biggest highlight..... I am shocked Ohio did not make the final 15...... Congratulations Oklahoma!!!

  3. this is the second Miss COngeniality tie. It happened first in 1976.

  4. Glad Oklahoma won, loved the colour of her gown but not sure about the flounces, the fact that she had been in Miss World might have helped her! It might have been one controversy too far if that had counted against her. I loved Maryland but felt her styling and choice of gown did her no favours, the colour of the gown was wrong, but can't understand how she finished as only 4th runner up, this proves the Q ad A section counts for nothing. Oklahoms gave great answers, Maryland only average but at least she answered the question, Rode Island and Nevada got tongue tied, and Texas answered judges questions well, but did badly on the viewers questions did not answer the topic at all. Very pleased Delaware's curse finally broken and sorry Colorado did not make the cut I thought she was a stunner, maybe her interview did not go well.