Friday, July 10, 2015

Miss USA 2015: Eye For Beauty Blog Top 20 Evening Gown Performances

The Miss USA preliminaries are over! The delegates competed in two rounds of competition, swimsuit and evening gown. The preliminary panel of judges will now interview all 51 delegates and on Sunday night, the top 20 quarter-finalists will be revealed during the live telecast on Reelz. Kudos to the Miss Universe Organization staff for putting on a flawless event despite all the drama of the past few weeks. The group is quite this year, but there are no clear stand-outs. There are about 10 to 12 girls who could be the next Miss USA. After watching the preliminary evening gown competition, our top 20 in evening gown were:

20: Utah (9.280)

19: Illinois (9.285)

18: North Carolina (9.290)

17: Georgia (9.295)

16: Arkansas (9.300)

15: South Carolina (9.305)

14: Ohio (9.310)

13: California (9.315)

12: Florida (9.318)

11: Arizona (9.320)


9: Maryland (9.330) SHOULD CHANGE HER GOWN

8: Oklahoma (9.335) SHOULD CHANGE HER GOWN

7: Nevada (9.340)

6: Louisiana (9.345)

5: New York (9.360)

4: Colorado (9.380)

3: Rhode Island (9.390)

2: Massachusetts (9.395)

... and our preliminary evening gown winner is...

ALABAMA (9.410)
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  1. I agree that Maryland should change her gown as a bright colour would really suit her, but I like Oklahoma's gown! I also feel that 3 gowns you like should be changed as if I was a judge I would not vote for them. They are the gowns of Louisiana, New York and Nevada, which I think is the worst of the 3!

  2. I disagree with you wish Miss Texas. The gown she wore was incredible. But for me, evening gown is from the neck up. And in my opinion, she won the evening gown competition, Ohio second, and Oklahoma third...and I love Miss Ohio's gown. I watched the YouTube evening gown competition and unfortunately Montana and Nebraska was omitted....I hated the gowns of Alabama, Illinois, Hawaii, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.... , Flashback to 1976, Summer Bartholemew wore a multi colored gown and won Miss USA... I saw an interview of Summer and she admitted she hated her gown that year... Now almost 40 years later, Ohio wore a multi colored gown... WAY TO GO OHIO!!!