Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Miss Bolivia Universe 2015: Results


Paula Schneider, Miss Santa Cruz, was crowned Miss Universe Bolivia 2015 this past weekend. She is 20 years old and will represent her country at the 65th Miss Universe Pageant in 2016.
The rest of the results were:
Miss International Bolivia 2015 for Miss International 2015 on November 5 in Tokyo, Japan:
Miss Cochabamba, Alejandra Panazo

Miss Earth Bolivia for Miss Earth 2015 on December 5 in Vienna, Austria:
Miss Residentes Bolivia, Jazmin Duran.

Joyce Prado, Senorita Litoral, was named Miss Tourism Bolivia while Senorita Beni, Andrea Velasco, was named Miss United Continents Bolivia. The first runner-up was Senorita Santa Cruz, Claudia Camacho, the second runner-up was Miss La Paz, Giovana Salazar, the third runner-up was Miss Litoral, Sharon Valverde, and the fourth runner-up was Senorita Tarija, Bernarda Costas.
Top 3: miss Bolivia International, Miss Bolivia Universe, Miss Bolivia Earth
Weak all around!

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  1. I would have chosen the one in the red dress for Miss Universe... She has the look to go far... but I agree that all three are really weak!!!