Wednesday, May 13, 2015

If I were a judge: Miss World Canada 2015

Miss World Canada 2015 will be crowned on May 16. The winner will represent Canada at this year's Miss World Pageant. The Canadian final is usually quite unpredictable and the results are often totally unexpected. However, the organization must be doing something right, because Canada has been performing rather well at Miss World. Who will be the next Miss World Canada? If I were a judge:

Miss World Canada 2015: Ashleen Chand

1st runner-up: Safia Nazarali

2nd runner-up: Kesiah Papasin

3rd runner-up: Erika Neville

4th runner-up: Monisola Ogunsuyi

Gurleen Mangat



  1. Ashleen Chaud looks the MW type but they will choose wrong as they did last year.

  2. This pageant is absurd. Simply ridiculous. Beyond belief. There were about 6 or 7 extremely pretty girls in the contest only. All of them were shut out of the top 5 with the exception of Safia N. Safia was beautiful and the most well spoken of the top 5. She finished 5th of the 5. Ridiculous!!! Miss World Canada has some sort of agenda not known to anyone, but one thing we know for sure is that Miss World Canada definitely does NOT want a girl who will place at Miss World. Like last year - the girl who won, does NOT have a chance at the Miss World competition this fall. As an example of the absurdity of this pageant - the man who placed as 2nd runner up for Mr. World Canada, quit the pageant the day of the contest and didn't even show up. He beat other contestants who competed that evening even though he wasn't there!!!! What kind of contest allows invisible and absent people to almost win!!!???? WHAT A TOTAL JOKE.