Monday, May 18, 2015

Anastasia Lin crowned Miss World Canada 2015

25 year old Anastasia Lin was crowned Miss World Canada 2015 on Saturday. She stands 1.68m tall and will represent Canada at Miss World 2015. Lin was born in China, but moved to her new home country 13 years ago. The first runner-up was Betty Lu and the second runner-up was Raven Yray. Safia Nazarali finished in fourth place while Becky Molly finished in fifth place.
Another year, another surprising result!


  1. even though I prefer Oriental women, Anastasia is below par ... best wishes to her though

  2. Tired of seeing Asians representing Canada!!!! No wonder Canada is being clapping lately!!!!!

  3. She looks like a dwarf. Her head to body ratio is out of balance.

  4. There's no need to bash Anastasia. MWC could have chosen a different candidate from all the excellent choices they had. However, if you followed the site prior to the pageant, MWC seemed to have added at least 15-20 girls last minute (sounded desperate to me). Many earlier applicants seemed to "drop" out. In speaking with some of the parents, these girls were "exempted" from the sponsorships, fundraising, votes, etc....While the other girls worked so hard to accomplish MWC requirements. Becky Molly (3rd runner up) was a very late addition--apparently exempted from all requirements and ended up placing while the other late comers didn't even make top 16, and rightfully so--other girls were working hard for many months to promote MWC and were also very deserving based on their platforms. And to top that $100 from each candidate who raised sponsorship funds, was deducted to go towards the MWC prize, while those that came late and did not have sponsorship funds, paid nothing!! I will stop following MWC Canada going forward as this was a HUGE disappointment (preparations, no press at the "press conference", judging interview cancellations (apparently judges went by what the CEO told them about each girl), chaos during the show, etc.....). Canada needs better people running this show if they want good representation at the Miss World Competition.