Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 EYERIS Awards: Best Judges

And the nominees are:

Miss Earth

Miss Universe

Miss World

... and the EYERIS goes to ...

Photo: The Pageantesia
I was really going backwards and forwards with this one. The Miss Universe judging panel still had the most star power even though it's mostly made up of C list celebrities, but I had to go with Miss World after thinking about it for quite a while. My reasons: charity lies at the heart of Miss World and Julia Morley knows exactly what kind of girl she's looking for. She also surrounds herself with people who understand her organization and who know what Miss World is all about. They spend almost a month with the girls and really get to know them. Also, she brings some of her former title holders back to help choose a new member for their special sisterhood. They know what it takes to become Miss World and what the winner must be like. If the purpose of the judging panel is to select the best girl that fits the organization's mission statement, then I do believe the Miss World judges (despite lacking star power) are the most qualified.

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