Monday, February 16, 2015

Eye For Beauty Blog Most Robbed Beauty of 2014: #7

I wouldn't exactly call 2014 the "Year of Shocks" in terms of results. In most of the pageants I followed, the winner was always there amongst the favorite. In terms of national pageants, I'd say that the favorites did well. Rolene Strauss won Miss South Africa, Nia Sanchez won Miss USA, both winners in the Philippines were favorites, and other countries like France, India, Colombia and Mexico all crowned girls who were marked as front-runners. I predicted the winners of Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss Earth. The only one of the big four pageants that produced a shock winner, or at least a few raised eyebrows, was Miss International.

The year's biggest shocks came from the inability of most of the pageant organizations to get their acts together. Miss Earth is still in the Philippines and is still trying to get rid of the corruption stigma after the Russian scandal a few years ago? Did a home victory help? Miss World was supposed to be the best festival ever in three countries, but turned into a low key event. There were very few events leading to the finale, but at least they were all classy, and it was evident that the organizers are trying to create some energy on stage at the finale. Miss International is apparently under new ownership, but the pageant is still a looong snoozefest. For the most part of 2014, we all wanted the real Miss Supranational to stand up... and eventually it did. The best effort from an organization came from Miss Grand International - it really is a pageant to watch. Their results left a bitter taste in my mouth though. And the worst effort: from Donald Trump's Miss Universe Organization. In an unprecedented move they failed to put on a show in 2014, moved it to 2015, and called it by it's anniversary while claiming it is actually still the 2014 edition. But will there be another one this year? Nothing is certain anymore with Miss Universe - their credibility has pretty much gone down the drain.

As for results, a few favorites were actually left out. We loved you:

#7: Miss World Namibia, Brumhilda Ochs

2014 was an amazing year for Africa at Miss World. Not only did they take home the crown, but also produced one of the most impressive group of delegates ever. One of those gorgeous ladies, was a diamond from Namibia, named Brumhilda.

I already knew when she took part in her national pageant that she had a lot of potential, but I was totally in awe when I saw her pose for a selfie with her roommate, Miss South Africa (and Miss World) Rolene Strauss. She looked every inch a queen and I was sure that she would be in the top 10 at least! When I heard her speak, I was sold. She was articulate, sassy, and oh what a voice! I was really rooting for the both of them to be in the top 5.

When the lovely Brumhilda was chosen as one of the top contenders for Miss World Top Model, I was super excited. It seemed to be very possible that it could happen that the two of them would make it very far in the competition. Sadly that never happened. Brumhilda did not get a spot in the top 25. I don't even know how that is possible, but it's done. Now I can only hope that she'll be sent to another pageant. Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Supranational, or Miss Grand International - I don't really care. All I know is, she deserves another shot. She's just too good to be wasted!

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