Friday, February 13, 2015

Eye For Beauty Blog Most Robbed Beauty of 2014: #11

I wouldn't exactly call 2014 the "Year of Shocks" in terms of results. In most of the pageants I followed, the winner was always there amongst the favorite. In terms of national pageants, I'd say that the favorites did well. Rolene Strauss won Miss South Africa, Nia Sanchez won Miss USA, both winners in the Philippines were favorites, and other countries like France, India, Colombia and Mexico all crowned girls who were marked as front-runners. I predicted the winners of Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss Earth. The only one of the big four pageants that produced a shock winner, or at least a few raised eyebrows, was Miss International.

The year's biggest shocks came from the inability of most of the pageant organizations to get their acts together. Miss Earth is still in the Philippines and is still trying to get rid of the corruption stigma after the Russian scandal a few years ago? Did a home victory help? Miss World was supposed to be the best festival ever in three countries, but turned into a low key event. There were very few events leading to the finale, but at least they were all classy, and it was evident that the organizers are trying to create some energy on stage at the finale. Miss International is apparently under new ownership, but the pageant is still a looong snoozefest. For the most part of 2014, we all wanted the real Miss Supranational to stand up... and eventually it did. The best effort from an organization came from Miss Grand International - it really is a pageant to watch. Their results left a bitter taste in my mouth though. And the worst effort: from Donald Trump's Miss Universe Organization. In an unprecedented move they failed to put on a show in 2014, moved it to 2015, and called it by it's anniversary while claiming it is actually still the 2014 edition. But will there be another one this year? Nothing is certain anymore with Miss Universe - their credibility has pretty much gone down the drain.

As for results, a few favorites were actually left out. My annual Most Robbed Beauty list continues with:

#11: Miss Universe South Africa, Ziphozakhe Zokufa
Photo courtesy of Miss Universe Organization

I wasn't sure if I would include Zipho, because I don't exactly feel like she was robbed. Let me explain why I included her. The battle between Zipho and Rolene at Miss SA was I incredible. It was one of the most enjoyable pageant duels at Miss South Africa in years. Both Team Rolene and Team Zipho had incredible support from the public and we knew it would be a win/win situation. Both would make us proud. In the end, the right girl won and this was proven to be true when Rolene won Miss World on December 14. Suddenly we were without a Miss South Africa though and Zipho, as first runner-up, had to take over the title on December 17. That also meant representing South Africa at Miss Universe, but the problem was she only had a couple of days to prepare for this pageant - on top of all during the Festive Season.
Photo courtesy of Louis Fourie

So, Zipho showed up in Miami and certainly gave it her all. She's an incredible woman. Beautiful, cool, well-spoken, and just full of life and energy. I don't really care that she didn't place at Miss Universe. I am actually really proud of how well she represented South Africa given the circumstances. She looked amazing in her national costume and she worked it during the swimsuit preliminaries. I'm sure she also aced the preliminaries, because she is an articulate lady with an infectious personality. But I don't really feel like she was robbed. WHY? It was evident that she had very little time to prepare. She didn't have months to plan a wardrobe or getting her body in Miss Universe shape (she still looked great though) and then they gave her an atrocious white gown that looked like an outdated wedding gown. Whenever Werner Wessels is not involved, the gowns and styling = mess. Have you noticed when he's been the stylist that the eye of fashion and pageant expert Nick Verreos was caught every time?
Photo courtesy of Miss Universe Organization

Photo courtesy of yahoo

Why did I include her? Well, in a way I feel she was robbed. Yes, she would have made an incredible Miss SA too, just like Rolene. But now she only gets three months and she was out of the country for about a month of that. I kind of wish that she declined the title and came back and won it all! But would the judges have chosen someone who once declined the title?! Furthermore, I also feel that Zipho would have done so much better at Miss World. With her talent (singing), personality, and captivating personality she would have been notice for sure. (Don't get me wrong - I mean in a different year! Rolene is just too special to change for anyone!) Still, in a way, it's fair to say that Zipho was kind of robbed... but that's just way fate wanted it.


  1. I agree with this article except for the fact that I believe Zipho should have been preparing for Miss Universe the same time that Rolene was gearing up for Miss World. It was well known that Rolene was a favourite and would probably take the title, and with that in mind I believe Zipho herself or Sun International should have made an executive decision to start preparing her for Miss Universe if Rolene was to win World. I understand it would have been a dicey move though...

  2. It has become increasingly difficult for black (non-mixed) girls to make it in Miss Universe. Zipho was a favourite of mine since her Miss SA stint. I knew she was suitable for Miss World like Rolene. The Miss SA platform is more similar to Miss World so I think Sun Intl should work exclusively with Morley and let Trump find another franchise holder.

    I don't think further preparation would have made a difference for Zipho. She was always ready and is accustomed to the pageant life being a model, singer and media person. I think Sun Intl should have been more proactive with Zipho instead of whisking her from Asia at last moment. They knew Rolene wanted to win Miss World and would likely do so and even if she didn't win she would've placed too high in ranking at Miss World maybe a Continental Queen/ runner up which would ditter her from Miss Universe.

    I know Zipho must be greatful and I hope she enjoys what's left of her reign. It was a good year for SA.

  3. She reminds me of Yityish Aynaw Miss Israel 2013. Both robbed at Miss Universe.