Saturday, January 24, 2015

Miss Universe Review: Dominican Republic - Germany

The 63rd Miss Universe will be crowned on January 25 in Miami, Florida. 88 young women from all over the world are competing to become the next Miss Universe. The new winner will be crowned by outgoing title holder, Maria Gabriela Isler from Venezuela, with a brand new crown sponsored by DIC. The Miss Universe Organization seems to have hit hard times as they were unable to stage a pageant in 2014. Initially, it was announced that this edition will be Miss Universe 2014 but no one is really sure if there will be another pageant later in the year. The organizers have been tightlipped about this and so far all that is known is that this is the 63rd Miss Universe with no year being mentioned.

There were some protests when it was announced that the Doral government had to spend more than US$2 million to host the pageant. Later they released a statement saying that the funds will not come from the tax payers' pockets but from corporate sponsors instead. The contestants stayed in Miss Universe owner Donald Trump's Doral Gholf Estate and Hotel for the majority of the their time in Doral. The city, which has a large Venezuelan community and is also nicknamed Doralzuela, did not even have a venue large enough to accommodate the finals, so the nearby Florida International University Arena was chosen to host the final. The arena is a far cry from the luxurious venues of the past. Of course, the pageant has not been without controversy. Miss Israel's selfie with Miss Lebanon hit headlines around the world with the Lebanese beauty claiming that the Israeli delegate "photobombed" her. Technically the two countries are still at war.

After a long wait, we will have a new Miss Universe on Sunday. Despite complaints by fans that the quality of the events this year were an all time low, they are just relieved that the pageant will finally take place. Now on to the stars of this year's show, the 88 delegates. After following the pageant for the last couple of weeks, here are our thoughts:

****** Could be the next Miss Universe
***** Potential top 5 finalist, but will probably not win
**** Could go as far as the top 10
*** Could survive the first cut to make the top 15
** Likely to miss the cut
* Highly likely to miss the cut


Kimberly was one of the lovely surprises of the preliminaries. I felt that she did everything right and is now in contention for a top 16 spot. Even though I think she's a tad too skinny, I really was impressed by her on Wednesday night after initially not really believing she would make much of an impact.


Ecuador got their highest ever placement last year when their delegate finished as the second runner-up. Alejandro is another strong delegate from her country. She had two solid performances on Wednesday night. If last year's girl placed so high, Alejandra can definitely secure another placement for her country.


Lara has improved a lot since winning her national pageant. I was actually quite impressed to see her transformation. I didn't care for her evening gown look, but she looked great in the swimsuit round. Well done, Lara!


Patricia was one of the nice surprises of this year's pageant and I appreciate her sultry beauty. I think her gown performance was better than swimsuit. She did a good job in both rounds, but I don't expect her to place.


Hiwot was the runner-up to Miss Grand International 2014 and lost that title to compete at Miss Universe. I believe she should have won Miss Grand International, but at Miss Universe she did not make as much of an impact.


Bea has such a gorgeous face - a classic Scandinavian beauty. I think she represented her country well, but I am not sure if she was strong enough to secure a top 15 spot. Maybe a Trump pick?


France's Camille Cerf really grew on me from the day she arrived at Miss Universe. She just looked unbelievably gorgeous in all her professional shots. I had her pegged as my winner before the preliminaries, but her performance in the evening gown round was totally lackluster. She was better in the swimsuit round, but now I am not sure if she has the fire to win the whole thing.


Maggaly is a gorgeous, gorgeous girl and she has always been one of my favorites. Her biggest downfall is her lack of energy and presence on stage. She was good but not great during the preliminaries. I am still hoping that she will be included in the top 15.


Ana stood out because of her unique look, but I just don't think she's strong enough to place in the top 15.


I really love Josefine's refreshing natural beauty. She reminds me a bit of Charlize Theron. I thought she looked great in all  her photos and she did well during the preliminaries. She doesn't really have the stage magic that is needed but she tried. The biggest problem is that she looks tiny.


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  1. I fell in love with Georgia when I saw her at Miss World due to her stunning looks but unfortunately she was so "bland" during the preliminaries... So sad.... I fell hard for both Egypt and Germany during the preliminaries..... although I believe that both of them will get mixed up in the middle of the pack, they both were sensational during the preliminaries and I hope both of them make it to the top 16... which is doubtful due to much stronger delegates that competed against them.... but I loved their transformations since being crowned!!!!