Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Miss Universe 2014: Photo of the Day (1/20)

QUEEN OF THE RAINBOW NATION: Miss South Africa, Ziphozakhe Zokufa, poses
in her national costume that she will wear at Wednesday's National Costume Show and
Preliminary Competition. South Africa won Miss World last year - can they win Miss Universe too?


  1. Absolutely :-D ..." It seems impossible until its done" ...Ziphozakhe is definately taking the crown ..

  2. No I dont think so :( My opnion. Too many stunning girls this year !!!!!! Rolene should have competed in Miss Universe she would have walked away with the crown. Bet the contestants are very happy she won Miss World. Personally I think Miss World is not really a beauty contest, its more Beauty with a Purpose. .This is far more glamorous.

  3. It would be boring if all beauty pageants were glamerous and the same, thank goodness for differences. I love her but can't see South Africa doing the double.