Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Miss Universe 2014: Eye For Beauty Blog Top 15 Glamshots

88 delegates are currently in Doral, Florida where they will compete for the 63rd Miss Universe title on January 25. The winner will be crowned by outgoing Miss Universe, Maria Gabriela Isler from Venezuela. The delegates have been taking part in several photo shoots over the last few days. These shots have now been released and it's time for the fans to pick their favorites. After carefully reviewing all GLAMSHOTS, here are our top 15:

15: Serbia (9.505)

14: Indonesia (9.510)

13: Trinidad and Tobago (9.520)

12: India (9.540)

11: Austria (9.620)

10: Ireland (9.625)

9: Spain (9.660)

8: Brazil (9.670)

7: Russia (9.680)

6: Philippines (9.710)

5: Venezuela (9.730)

4: Colombia (9.735)

3: France (9.740)

2: Netherlands (9.750)

and our favorite GLAMSHOT...


16.Curacao 17. Germany 18. Dominican Republic 19. USA 20. Great Britain



  1. I love the swimsuits... I hope they are used during the telecast!!!

  2. Colombia the best in the preliminary competition.... Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Rusia, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, USA, Serbia (evening gown could be better), Jamaica, Australia, India and SouthAfrica are the top 16. I saw very weak Phillipines and Venezuela.. if they enter in the top 16 is because they always do, it is like a tradition. MY TOP favorites Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and Serbia.

  3. Philippines had bad luck until recent years. From 1987 to 2009 Philippines placed only 3 times. Venezuela has placed from 1983 to 2013 every year but 3 times... Venezuela is one of the most successful nations but is over rated.... I hope Philippines wins, if not Columbia, France, USA, or Indonesia