Thursday, January 22, 2015

63rd Miss Universe Pageant: Eye For Beauty Blog Top 15 in Preliminary Evening Gown Parade

As expected, the preliminaries told a whole different story to the photos we have been seeing. Each year, this is the night where the delegates could really gain huge momentum or fall horribly flat. I found a lot of the performances lackluster, but there were some fantastic surprises too! After watching the 63rd Miss Universe Preliminary Evening Gown Parade, my top 15 were:

15: Peru 9.090 - what a lovely surprise! She looked tall and glamorous!

14: Russia 9.095 - Another surprise. Loved her gown and hair!

13: Dominican Republic 9.100 - Never thought I'd have her here, but she was on fire!

12: Argentina 9.110 - I didn't love her gown, but I loved her in it!

11: Venezuela 9.120 - her gorgeous face is undeniable but the gown wasn't flattering!

10: Puerto Rico 9.130 - another surprise; she was working it!

9: Jamaica 9.170 - I didn't love her hair like that but she looked fantastic in red!

8: Czech Republic 9.200 - I've had an eye on her since she arrived. She's amazing!

7: Costa Rica 9.210 - she's proved that she's there to fight. Didn't love the gown though!

6: India 9.230 - Looked gorgeous in her gown, but was she trying too hard?

5: Ukraine 9.390 - Probably the biggest surprise. Regal, elegant, sexy!

4: Spain 9.440 - OK I got the hype! Spain was sensational!

3: USA 9.470 - Nia was just a class act. USA is in it to win it!

2: Mexico 9.500 - Absolutely breathtaking in her gown! Loved her energy!

and our Preliminary Evening Gown winner:
COLOMBIA 9.600 - She didn't put a foot wrong! Perfection!
16. Netherlands 17. Indonesia 18. Trinidad and Tobago 19. Lithuania 20. Philippines


  1. Colombia's face wa white but the rest of her body was tanned. She didnt give so much effort during th evening gown segment.

  2. Hi Andy, we agree almost 100 percent! I just have Slovak Rep (who looked sensational) instead of their neighbors Czech Rep, and Brazil instead of Peru. I also have Mexico and USA (who are my top 2 bets for the crown now) ahead of Colombia. I actually think Brazil will be in Top 5, and South Africa will be in the top 10. Big hug from your friend in Abu Dhabi!

  3. two that is not on your list that surprised me was Germany and Egypt. I thought both were sensational... but there are so many strong delegates this year that I am afraid they really have no chance. My favorites during the preliminary evening gown competition are Columbia, Philippines, USA, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, and Indonesia.... I totally hated Argentina's gown but the way she wore it on stage was amazing!!! `Argentina proves that the evening gown competition is from the neck up!!!