Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thailand wins Miss Intercontinental 2014

Miss Thailand, Phataraporn Wang, was crowned Miss Intercontinental 2014 in Germany on Thursay. The 19 year old beauty from Bangkok is the first woman from Thailand to hold this title. The first runner-up was Miss Cuba, Jeslie Mergal, and the second runner-up was Miss Philippines, Kris Tiffany Janson. The delegates from Argentina, Portugal, and South Africa completed the top 6. Misses Puerto Rico, Canada, Ecuador, Brazil, Myanmar, Mauritius, Nigeria, Poland, Turkey, and England made it to the top 16.
Not too crazy about the winner. I think both runners-up are better.

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  1. It was a shocking result actually.Each continent must only have one winner to advance in top 5.They gave the sash Miss Asia and Oceania to Philippines.But after the top 5,they announced that there's a tie.And it's Thailand.(Can't they break the tie?)Unfair to the other continents.Ok then.Score back to zero.But came to Q and A to determine the winner,all girls did a good job except Thailand.She didn't know how to describe color red to a blind person.Very easy question but non sense response.But still she won.It is ok if she has a goddess beauty but no.Lower than ok-ish.