Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Miss North Carolina USA 2015

Julia Dalton (23) was recently crowned Miss North Carolina USA 2015. She stands 1.65m tall and will represent her state at the next Miss USA Pageant. Dalton was Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2008 and the second runner-up to Miss Teen USA 2008. Her sister, Kristin Dalton, won the Miss USA title for North Carolina in 2009. Their mother is also a former Miss North Carolina USA.

I think Julia will come super prepared and ready to claim a top 5 spot. I can see her doing everything right to impress the judges even though I'm a bigger fan of Kristen's beauty. Julia's biggest challenge will be that she's quite short.

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  1. Julia is cute and has an ace up her sleeve... Kristin. With her sister's help, Julia should be ready to win... But there are so many beautiful delegates that is up there too!!!!!