Thursday, December 4, 2014

If I were a judge: Miss Supranational 2014

Miss Supranational 2014 will be crowned on December 5 in Poland. The reigning Miss Supranational, Mutya Datul from the Philippines will crown her successor at the conclusion of the event. Who will be the next Miss Supranational? If I were a judge:

Miss Supranational 2014: Gabon

1st runner-up: Puerto Rico

2nd runner-up: Spain

3rd runner-up: USA

4th runner-up: Belarus

Top 15
6th place: Myanmar

7th place: Switzerland

8th place: China

9th place: Chile

10th place: Czech Republic

11th place: Colombia

12th place: Poland

13th place: Suriname

14th place: Luxembourg

15th place: Cape Verde

16th place: Bolivia

17th place: India

18th place: Canada

19th place: Philippines

20th place: Lebanon




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