Sunday, November 16, 2014

Miss World: More replacements

This year, several countries replaced their original delegates who were supposed to compete at Miss World 2014. Joining the list, that includes Belgium, Gabon, Ghana, and Switzerland are Portugal and Panama.

Zita Oliveira will now represent Portugal after Miss World Portugal 2014 refused to sign her contract. She was supposed to represent her country at Miss World 2015. Oliveira is 24 years old and stands 1.7m tall.
Nicole Pinto (21) will now represent Panama after the original winner of the title, Raiza Erlenbaugh, was dethroned for failing to fulfill her duties.

The names of Miss Zambia, Miss Albania, and Miss Kazakhstan have also been removed from


  1. I doubt if there will be anymore replacements or these countries coming as it is too late to get visa. This is a pity Zambia did not come last year was only recently appointed and looked very nice and I preferred the original Zimbabwe, Gabon ad Ghana. Africa seems to be having difficulty with their candidates this year.

  2. There will be no more replacements now as there is no time to get visa's. Those that are confirmed on the site will probably be it, although not all the ones on the site turned up last year. It is a shame that so many have been replaced. I particularly liked the original Zimbabwe, Gabon and Zambia. More replacements from Africa the anywhere else.I'm rooting for Ethiopia I think she is stunning but it is a Muslim country and MW is political.