Monday, November 10, 2014

Miss International 2014 Review: Indonesia - Mexico

The 54th Miss International will be crowned on Tuesday, November 11 in Tokyo, Japan. 73 delegates are vying to become Miss International 2014. The winner will succeed Bea Santiago from the Philippines. For the last 2 weeks, the delegates took part in several activities organized by the Miss International Organization. This year there are several standouts but predicting who will win this pageant is almost impossible. Interestingly enough, the organizers decided that this year there will only be a top 10, not a top 15 like in previous years. The top 10 will be cut to 5 and one of them will be the new Miss International.

After keeping an eye on the girls for the past few weeks, here are my thoughts:

Indonesia: Elfin Pertiwi Rappa ***

Elfin was one of my pre-pageant favorites and even though I think there is still a chance that she could place, I feel that some other girls made more of an impact. I would still not be surprised to hear her name being called. She's cute, elegant, and she seems to have a great personality.

Israel: Shani Hazan **

Shani was one of the favorites at Miss World two years ago, and this year she was immediately pegged as a front-runner when her participation was announced. The girl that showed up was not the same girl that we saw at Miss World. Her eyebrows make her face appear harsher than it actually is and I feel that she's not as motivated as she was at Miss World. I'm quite disappointed and she's fallen off my list.

Italy: Guilla Brazzarola **

Guilla is a natural beauty but I almost had to check if she even showed up. That means she obviously did not make much of an impression on me. She pretty much just faded into the background.

Japan: Lira Hongo *

It's customary for the hometown girl to get a placement (although last year they were left out) but in this case I would be furious and disappointed. Yes, she seems like a lovely girl, but with only 10 spots on offer, the hometown girl would be robbing the spot of about 25 other more deserving girls.

Korea: Seobin Lee **

I saw a few really good shots of Seobin but the problem is that she was not consistent. I think she is pretty but there were other stunners who made more of an impression.

Lebanon: Lia Saad **

She's cute but that's about it in the looks department. If stage performance and beauty scores carry more weight than the interview and speech categories, she will probably be excluded from the top 10.

Macau: Hio Man Chan *****

I love this girl. I think she looked flawlessly elegant and beautiful throughout the competition. Japan's relationship with China might hurt her chances but if it's a fair competition, she should at least be named one of the top 10... and perhaps even a top 5 placement depending on her performance on the night. Hoping to see her compete at Miss World one day.

Malaysia: Jayarubini Muthaliyar **

Jayarubini is pretty and she is in great shape. She also seemed to be quite composed and well-styled. The Asian contingent is just unbelievable this year, so with only 10 slots, I am afraid that she might not make it to the top 10.

Mauritius: Shiksha Matabadul *

The competition is just too tough for her. It seems like Shiksha really enjoyed her time in Japan, but I don't think she should get her hopes up for a spot in the top 10.

Mexico: Vianey Vazquez ******

Since the day that she hit the stage at the NB Mexico 2013 Pageant, her fan base just kept growing. She was a favorite to win the Miss International since it was announced that she would be waving the Mexican flag at Miss International 2014. She did her front-runner status proud and she has been (in my opinion) the most consistent of all the delegates. But I'm still missing something and I want to see some spark and energy from her... it's almost as if it's too easy for her. In a year where there is no clear favorite, even just a consistent performance on the final  night could clinch the crown for her though. I would not be surprised to see Vianey take it all.

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