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Miss International 2014 Review: Argentina to Colombia

The 54th Miss International will be crowned on Tuesday, November 11 in Tokyo, Japan. 73 delegates are vying to become Miss International 2014. The winner will succeed Bea Santiago from the Philippines. For the last 2 weeks, the delegates took part in several activities organized by the Miss International Organization. This year there are several standouts but predicting who will win this pageant is almost impossible. Interestingly enough, the organizers decided that this year there will only be a top 10, not a top 15 like in previous years. The top 10 will be cut to 5 and one of them will be the new Miss International.

After keeping an eye on the girls for the past few weeks, here are my thoughts:


Argentina: Josefina Herrero ****

Josefina has been getting lots of attention from the fans of this pageant and many believe that she has the kind of look the Japanese judges usually favor. Her past experience at Miss World will also help her to know what to do to impress the judges. A slot in the top 10 might be reserved for her and with a bit of luck, she could go all the way to the top 5.

Armenia: Shushanik Yeritsyan *

There are quite a few standouts this year and unfortunately I don't think Shushanik is one of them. I just don't see them placing this year.

Aruba: Francis Massiel Sosa *

I would be quite surprised if Francis places. Looking at previous results of this pageant, she does not seem to have the Miss International kind of "look".

Australia: Bridgette Rose Taylor **

She is striking but I have seen stronger delegates from Australia. There are other beauties who have made much more of an impact.

Belarus: Natallia Brysthen ***

Natallia was my favorite to win the crown before the pageant started. I must say that I was a bit disappointed though when I saw her in Tokyo. She is beautiful but she just faded away in the background. But you never know at this pageant - she could still place.

Belgium: Gonul Meral ***

Miss Belgium seems to be very likeable. It looked like she really enjoyed being part of this pageant. Her radiant smile and sparkling eyes made her stand out. She is a bit short though but that's not the end of the world. She could be a surprise in the top 10.

Bolivia: Joselyn Toro **

I think Joselyn was outshined by a lot of the other delegates. I would be surprised if she made it to the top 10.

Brazil: Deisi Benicio ****

Deisi is gorgeous. She didn't really put a foot wrong during her time in Japan. With only 10 slots available this year, it will be down to luck and the way they handled themselves at the sponsors' events. That being said, I believe she is one of the strongest bets for a top 10 placement.

Canada: Kesiah Papasin **

It seems like Kesiah is a good friend of reigning Miss International, Bea Santiago. Could that work in her favor. If the competition is fair, I'd say that there are other delegates who deserve a top 10 placement more based on their performance in the competition.

Chile: Tania Dahuabe *

I think her professional photos are much better than her candids. I just don't think it's going to happen for them this year.

China: Wei Lisi *

It's nice to see a Miss China who has a different look. Apparently she is from the autonomous Inner Mongolia region. Still, I don't think she's strong enough to place.

Chinese Taipei: Yang Yuyao *

Yuyao didn't make much of an impact. I find her quite dull and she faded away in the background.

Colombia: Zuleika Suarez ******

We all know that darker girls don't do well at Miss International but this girl is HOT! She is an absolute contender for the crown. She is tall, elegant, sexy, and classy. A black girl from Colombia did it exactly 10 years ago at Miss International, and it would be an absolute joy to see Zuleika walk away with the crown this year.

Photos: Miss International

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