Monday, October 6, 2014

If I were a judge: Miss Grand International 2014

The second Miss Grand International will be crowned on October 7 in Bangkok, Thailand. 85 young ladies from all over the world have been competing for this title for the last month. The pageant only started last year but already they are teaching some of the older and "more prestigious" pageants how it's done. I am loving the Miss Grand International Pageant at the moment. Some might argue they are a copycat Miss Universe Pageant, but they are doing what Miss Universe (and other pageants) can't do... provide great venues, activities, prizes, and a really sleek production. They even invited some of last year's runners-up back. Well done to the organizers of this pageant.

Tomorrow night, the second ever Miss Grand International will be crowned by outgoing queen, Janelee Chaparro of Puerto Rico. Who will be the second Miss Grand International? If I were a judge:

Miss Grand International 2014: Russia

1st runner-up: Australia

2nd runner-up: Thailand

3rd runner-up: South Sudan

4th runner-up: France

Top 10:
6th place: Puerto Rico

7th place: Haiti

8th place: Albania

9th place: Colombia

10th place: Germany

Top 20:
11th place: United Kingdom

12th place: Indonesia

13th place: Israel

14th place: USA

15th place: Hungary

16th place: Zimbabwe

17th place: Sri Lanka

18th place: Argentina

19th place: Venezuela

20th place: Brazil




Photos: Miss Grand International

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  1. I am from the UK, but I hate her gown, love the gowns of USA and Venezuela. and some of the others