Monday, September 29, 2014

Miss Ceara wins Miss Universe Brazil 2014

Home girl, Miss Ceara, Melissa Gurgel, was named the winner of Miss Brasil 2014 on Saturday. She is 20 years old, stands 1.68m tall, and will represent her country at the next Miss Universe Pageant in Doral, Florida. Gurgel took the crown in her own state in Forteleza which was hotly tipped to host the 2014 Miss Universe Pageant. Forteleza later backed out of hosting what now appears as the defunct 2014 edition of the Miss Universe Pageant.

The first runner-up was Miss Sao Paulo, Fernanda Leme, and the second runner-up was Miss Rio Grande do Norte, Deise Benicio. The top 5 were completed by Misses Amapa, Priscilla Winny, and Goias, Beatrice Fontoura.

The top 10 were completed by the delegates representing Amazonas, Distrito Federal, Maranhao, Rio Grande do Sul, and Santa Catarina. Misses Acre, Espirto Santo, Para, Parana, and Rio de Janeiro made it to the top 15.
Pretty but very short! The runner-up was stronger. I wonder if Brazil will be shunned because of not hosting.


  1. I do not believe that Brazil will be shunned at Miss Universe... Melissa is just not up to par with the previous 3 Miss Brazils!!! Like you said, she is short!! And if Brazil makes it to the Top 15-16, she probably be cut fast based on the other Miss Universe 2014 representatives...

  2. Olivia Culpo is shorter than Melissa Gurgel and she bacame Miss Universe. Stop guys.