Tuesday, September 9, 2014

If I were a judge: Miss Universe China 2014

15 lovely young ladies from all over China will compete for the 2014 Miss Universe China title on September 13 in Shanghai. The winner will represent China at this year's Miss Universe Pageant in December. China has the potential to do very well this year if the judges pick the right girl. Who will be the winner? If I were a judge:

Miss Universe China 2014: Yangliang Hu

1st runner-up: Linda Cui

2nd runner-up: Mia Meng

3rd runner-up: Vivi Tian

4th runner-up: Nora Xu

Catherine Wang


  1. Catherine Wang looks so much like Brook Lee, Miss Universe 1997 from Hawaii... And all six of these women are STUNNING!! Honestly, I believe any of these six women would win Miss Universe 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So hard to choose the winner!!!

  2. The first runner up has taken over and will be in Doral!!!!!! I bet you're excited Andre?!

  3. If you have watched the show, you would find out that Nora win it fair and square. Karen Hu, despite being strongly physical beautiful, has the same problem as many other Chinese girls, demure and lack of stage presence. That is why I always feel that Chinese girls are more suitable for miss world than miss universe. I like both of the two girls. Nora is very young and fresh, Karen is a girl who has a big heart.

    1. Yes, that it is always the case. I judge based purely on photos. In real life, it's a whole different ball game!