Sunday, September 14, 2014

If I were a judge: Miss America 2015

Miss America 2015 will be crowned on September 14. 53 young ladies representing the 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands will compete for the 94th Miss America title. The ladies have been competing for the past week and several preliminary winners have been chosen. Now it's time for the big night. Who will be the next Miss America? If I were a judge:

Miss America 2015: Miss Georgia, Maggie Bridges

1st runner-up: Miss Nebraska, Megan Swanson

2nd runner-up: Miss Missouri, Jessica Hartman

3rd runner-up: Miss Ohio, Mackenzie Bart

4th runner-up: Miss Hawaii, Stephanie Kainoa Steuri

Top 10:
6th place: Miss South Carolina, Lanie Hudson

7th place: Miss Pennsylvania, Amanda Fallon Smith

8th place: Miss Florida, Victoria Cowen

9th place: Miss Michigan, KT Maviglia

10th place: Miss Alabama, Caitlin Brunell

Top 15:
11th place: Miss Rhode Island, Ivy Depew

12th place: Miss Texas, Monique Evans

13th place: Miss Nevada, Ellie Smith

14th place: Miss Puerto Rico, Yarelis Salgado

15th place: Miss Oklahoma, Alex Eppler

Miss Alaska, Malie Delgado

Miss Connecticut, Accacia Courtney
Photos courtesy of Miss America Organization

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