Sunday, August 24, 2014

Miss Aruba 2014: Winners crowned

The winners of Miss Aruba 2014 were crowned on Friday night. The ultimate winner who holds the title Miss Aruba 2014 is Digene Zimmermann. The 20 year old beauty will represent her island nation at this year's Miss Universe Pageant.

At the same event, Joitza Henriquez was crowned Miss World Aruba. She is 21 years old and will now start preparing for the Miss World finals this December in the UK.
Two gorgeous girls. Hope they get noticed at the international pageants.

Photos courtersy of Jason Margarita!


  1. I agree they are gorgeous,but the Miss World girl wil lot be noticed. I thought Miss World candidates had to be selected in an exclusive contest as was decreed last year and why Venezuela now has a seperate contest for Miss World

  2. I don't like the Universe girls gown, though I think she is pretty.