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Misdemeanours: Beauty Queen Scandals

What makes a pageant? The glamor? The fashion? The glittering tiaras? Or is it he drama behind the scenes? Long after the winner's moment of glory is forgotten, people still talk about some scandals that rocked the pageant world. British super-fan Sally-Ann Fawcett recently published her very first book, Misdemeanours - Beauty Queen Scandals. Ms. Fawcett is well-known in pageant circles for her brilliant sense of humor, sharp wit, and ability to come up with most amazing and hilarious word play in the wink of an eye. All of the above and Ms. Fawcett's rich knowledge of pageant history and the behind-the-scenes dramas and scandals make this book a must-read for pageant fans and followers.

Eye For Beauty Blog caught up with Ms. Fawcett to find out more about her first pageant book:

PAGEANT INFO QUEEN: Sally-Ann Fawcett has been following pageants
for decades. She recently published her first book about the pageant world's most explosive scandals.
Eye For Beauty Blog:  You are quite a well-known figure in pageant circles. I have come to know you as a passionate, knowledgeable, witty, and loyal fan of pageants, especially those in the UK. Summarize the essence of Sally-Ann Fawcett in a nutshell.

Sally-Ann Fawcett: Beauty queens and beauty pageants are in my DNA. As soon as I was old enough to watch television, and caught a glimpse of Helen Morgan being crown Miss UK 1974, I fell in love. The glitter, glamour, nerves and excitement of the beauty queen world has followed me all my life, and shaped the person I am today.

Eye For Beauty Blog: Tell us about the inspiration behind this book. As a former beauty queen and avid fan and supporter of pageants, why did you choose to write a book about beauty pageant scandals?

Sally-Ann Fawcett: The stories within "Misdemeanours" are the stories I grew up with, read about, and treasured in cuttings books. To write this book was in some way a massive self-indulgence, an excuse to write about my first love, and to spend vast amounts of time online researching the finer details of the stories! The scandals and big stories were the ones I loved the most, so to put them together in one book was a real treat for me.

Eye For Beauty Blog: Do you believe there’s still a place for pageants in today’s world? Do you think pageants will ever become as popular again as they were in the 60s and 70s?

Sally-Ann Fawcett: Pageants are popular now in a different way from how they were in the '70s. These days, there are far more pageants than ever, titles I'd never heard of, and to my mind that does devalue them in some way. But a return to the glory days of their being screened live on the BBC or ITV will probably never happen again. The only way to get them back on mainstream TV is to add a reality show element, and get the public to choose the winners by phone or text. 

English Roses: Fawcett pictured with former Miss World, Ann Sidney
Eye For Beauty Blog: Would you say that pageant organizations secretly hope for a scandal or two from time to time to keep them in the news? Have these scandals generally harmed or helped pageants and the way they are perceived by people around the world?

Sally-Ann Fawcett: The scandals MADE these pageants, they really did. The stories captivated the public and catapulted the girls in question to worldwide fame, and the same is true today. Everyone loves a scandal and one involving a supposedly squeaky-clean beauty queen is even better. I believe that Eric Morley especially saw the value of a front page headline to keep his contest in the spotlight.

Eye For Beauty Blog: What do you feel most proud of about your book? Why would you encourage pageant fans to get a copy of this book?

Sally-Ann Fawcett: I'm just proud to have finished it! It started off as a very small project four years ago and I kept leaving it and procrastinating, until the beginning of this year when I realised that if I didn't finish it and get it out, I would have to update all the chapters - Danielle Lloyd, for example, didn't have any children when I started the book, and now she has THREE! My ambition was always to write a book about beauty queens and to have that realised is a tremendous feeling.

I feel pageant fans need this book because it's a piece of history in its way. The stories have never been documented before in one book and in such depth, and because the chapters span from the 1950s to the present day, it acts as a potted history of the biggest names in the world of beauty queens. If you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, I'd be, as Peter Marshall used to put it when Miss World was crowned, "the happiest girl in the world tonight" 

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Special thanks to Sally-Ann Fawcett!

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