Thursday, August 7, 2014

If I were a judge: Miss World Brazil 2014

40 of Brazil's most beautiful women are currently competing for the 40th Miss Mundo Brasil title at the Costao do Santinho Resort and Spa in Florianopolis. The winner will represent Brazil at this year's Miss World Pageant on December 14 in London, England. Who will be the next Miss World Brazil? If I were a judge:

Miss World Brazil 2014: Isabel Correa, Ilhas de Buzios

1st runner-up: Vitoria Bisognin, Ilha dos Lobos

2nd runner-up: Julia Gama, Rio Grande do Sul

3rd runner-up: Gabrielle Vilela, Rio de Janeiro

4th runner-up: Greicy Kelly Nobre, Ilhabela

TOP 10
6th place: Rafaela Machado, Sergipe

7th place: Elisa Freitas, Santa Catarina

8th place: Hanna Weiser, Amazonas

9th place: Vitoria Strada, Ilha da Pintada

10th place: Nathalia Deon, Espirito Santo
TOP 20:
11th place: Andresa Alves, Pernambuco

12th place: Victoria Ceotto, Sao Paulo

13th place: Erica Henrique, Parana

14th place: Marceli Viana, Ilhas do Guiaba

15th place: Vanessa Madeiros, Rio Grande do Norte
16th place: Jessica Fiorenza, Mato Grosso

17th place: Camilla Gadelha, Paraiba

18th place: Camila Nantes, Mato Grosso do Sul

19th place: Carina Brendler, Roraima

20th place: Daiane Uchoa, Amapa
Kissia Oliviera, Para

Camila Leao, Alagoas

Photos: Leonardo Rodrigues / Miss Mundo Brasil

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