Friday, August 29, 2014

If I were a judge: Miss Universe Germany 2014

Miss Universe Germany 2014 will be chosen on Sunday August 31. Kim Kotter, organizer of Miss Nederland and Miss Universe Germany, stepped up her game this year by organizing a massive event for this contest. The 10 lucky finalists will have the opportunity to showcase fashions by leading designers at a fashion show (on Saturday August 30) which will be attended by the King and Queen of the Netherlands, the Belgium, the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg, and the President of Germany. Hopefully this is the start of great things for this franchise as delegates have been picked during small casting these last few years. This year it's big and the quality of the finalists is great. Germany last placed in 2002. Will they finally break this drought this year? Who will be the winner? If I were a judge:

Miss Universe Germany 2014: Susanna Schonfelder

1st runner-up: Martina Ivezaj

2nd runner-up: Johanna Acs

3rd runner-up: Liz Valdez

4th runner-up: Jasmin Herzinger

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