Monday, June 9, 2014

Miss USA 2014 is Miss Nevada

Photo: Associated Press
Miss Nevada , Nia Sanchez (24) was crowned Miss USA 2014 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana a short while ago. She is the first delegate from Nevada in the history of the pageant to win the title. The new Miss USA stands 1.73m tall and will represent the United States of America at Miss Universe 2014. The first runner-up was Miss North Dakota, Audra Mari. If Miss USA is unable to fulfill her duties or if she becomes the next Miss Universe, Mari will take over the Miss USA title. The second runner-up was Miss Georgia, Tiana Griggs. Miss Louisiana, Brittany Guidry, finished as third runner-up, and Florida's Brittany Oldenhoff finished as the fourth runner-up. Miss Iowa, Carlyn Bradarich was named the fifth runner-up. She was voted into the top 6 by Twitter fans after not making the top 5.

The top 10 were completed by Maryland, California, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. They were eliminated after the evening gown round.

Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Arizona, Minnesota, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania made it to the top 20. They got to compete in the swimsuit round before being eliminated.

Miss California was named Miss Photogenic and Miss Rhode Island was chosen as Miss Congeniality by her fellow competitors.

Well done to the gorgeous new Miss USA, Nevada's very first winner! Shanna Moakler should be congratulated too. She has proven herself to be a queenmaker! I think the results were pretty fair but I'm shocked that Florida placed so low. Great top 6 though.
There is just one thing that is bothering me. The new Miss USA has the last name Sanchez which means she must also be of Latin heritage. So why is there still the need to find Miss Latina Universe who will represent the Latin community in the USA? One of the dumbest things the MUO has ever done.

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  1. I was shocked that Florida did not place in the Top 4!!! But to me, Florida looked a little old tonight... I thought North Dakota won or Louisiana would win, with Nevada 4th, Georgia 5th, and Iowa 6th!! But what got me feeling 'fuzzy" was how Louisiana reminded me of Miss USA 1988, Courtney Gibbs... Her walk, her appearance, and the way she held and turned her head was so similar to Miss Louisiana...

    But as in Louisiana, Florida, North Dakota, and Nevada.... all would have be great to see win Miss USA...... And as in the right girl winning... There was definitely 4 great girls!!!