Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Miss England 2014: The Day After

The new Miss England, Carina Tyrell, posed for photos a day after she defeated 59 other beauties to clinch the 2014 Miss England title. The 24 year old medical student at Cambridge University will go on to represent the host nation at this year's Miss World final on December 14 in London.
* She is a 5th year medical student at Murray Edwards College.
* She hopes to become a global health doctor at Addenbrooke's Hospital.
* She was also named the winner of the Beach Beauty Competition.
* She is president of the Global Health Society at her university.
* When she was younger, she made and modeled a range of dresses for charity.
* She has always wanted to take part in Miss England and is very excited about her participation in Miss World.
* Miss Leicestershire, Holly Desai, finished in second place.
* Miss Lancashire, Mary-Kate McKay finished in third place.
 I really think she will do very well at Miss World. I think Mrs. Morley will adore her!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images and APEX!
Information courtesy of Daily Mail UK!

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