Friday, June 20, 2014

If I were a judge: Miss Universe Great Britain 2014

Miss Universe Great Britain 2014 will be crowned on June 21 in Cardiff, Wales. 30 delegates are competing for the title. Last year's winner, the lovely Amy Willerton, gave this country a breakthrough placement. She was the first British delegate to place in 30 years at this contestant and also the first Miss Universe Great Britain to place. Previously, they competed as England, Scotland, and Wales. Can they do it again this year? Who will win the crown? If I were a judge:

Miss Universe Great Britain 2014: Grace Levy

1st runner-up: Emma Franklin

2nd runner-up: Zandra Flores

3rd runner-up: Shani Lane

4th runner-up: Anna Burdzy

Amy Townsend

Sara Pender
Photos: Miss Universe GB

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  1. Unfortunately these face-only pictures don't give any idea of a girl's height, stature, glamour or poise. That is what won Grace Levy that crown!!