Monday, May 26, 2014

Miss Barbados World 2014 Crowned

22 year old Zoe Trotman was crowned Miss Barbados World 2014 on Saturday. She stands 1.78m tall and will represent Barbados at Miss World 2014 in London, England on December 14. The first runner-up was Melanie Mark and the second runner-up was Shakela Bellamy. The reigning Miss World, Megan Young, was in Barbados for the annual Variety Conference and attended the event.
I am so disappointed. They had 3 great delegates and they wasted them. Melanie Mark should have won. She was robbed big time. Very, very disappointing results.

Photos courtesy of Miss Barbados World!


  1. Melanie Mark with a little gym time would be a contender for MW Caribbean. Barbados is afraid to crown whites. Wilkie in 2012 was by default.

  2. No it isn't. It has been almost 8 years since a woman of black African decent represented Barbados in Miss World. Melanie was awful the night of the show. Did not answer her question well, her Beauty With A Purpose did not place, she didn't place in fitness, nor talent nor interview so why was she even in the top 3. These are all facts. The winner deserved it. She either won or placed in the top 3 in all segments Mark my words, she will do exceptionally well in Miss World. It is sad that people are so ignorant and blinded by skin color in this day and age. Melanie has nothing to offer but a smile. Miss World herself thought Zoe' deserved it, she judged the show. So who cares what other people think.